wedding wears with chapel or court train

You know, FB isn't about reality. You only see the high light reels. The best part of people's lives. Let me hit you with some truth. Our relationship has been spiralling out of control for a year now. What I want and expect in a relationship she can't meet emotionally or mentally. The same must be true of me or she wouldn't feel the need to not only talk to guys behind my back but talk shit about me and lie. Oh...I'm sorry! I didn't mean to say guys. I meant "friends" but I digress. I know I expect a lot but I also bring a lot to the table. I work 50 hrs a week. I'm not a drunk or junky. I'm great with kids but there has to be rules and structure. I don't care to spend it if I got it. Once I feel I'm being taken advantage of or disrespected...well, then yes I'm a fucking demon of a dickhead and why shouldn't I be? It's the same with friends, which I truly have none. Even when I was younger. Yeah I had people I would hang out with for a bit but they would always end up talking shit about me behind my back or fuck me over somehow or try to fuck the girl I was dating at the time. There has only been one person to actually ask me if I'm alright. Not just hmu with "what's going on" "what happened" even now I have supposed friends that are still talking shit about me now. That's the reason I keep it lone wolf. That's why "you lil dumb~dumb I ain't fukn whichoo" family is not any different. They talk shit and lie on me and try to drag my name.Through the mud and for what reason? Because I grew up and didn't stay the fuck up? Because I got Because I started making better decisions? Because you perceive my life to be better? I know...haterz gonna hate but it doesnt make it right. I'll sure here.from "friends and family" when they want something. My point to all this is through the foster care system, jail and even when I was homeless I realized the only person I can count on is me! I'll never let me down and I will always take care of me because I know my worth and that's ok with me because I'm cool with me. I didn't post this for a like or comment and don't hmu asking if I'm ok because I'm not but I will be! My point is if you find yourself in a similar situation it doesn't matter how good you are, how many people you make laugh, how many people you help and keep it 100 with someone is gonna talk shit and fuck you over if they can. That's not being cynical it's just an ugly truth. I guarantee since she's posted single how many of my "friends" have tried to holla at her under the guise of "help" I find it all ridiculous. Just accept the fact that the world is a beautiful place but social constructs are not. Have your own back. Make your own happiness and know yourself worth and all the bullhorn thrown your way won't matter because you'll see it for what it is! Rant over wedding wears with chapel or court train

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