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Just was reading someone's comment on why do men cheat. First off I would like for men to stop acting oblivious when it comes to men cheating. To think only gangsters cheat, scammers, and the rest of the usual characteristics you assume are only cheaters, but let me tell you that men with good jobs cheat, pastors cheat, married men cheat, great father's cheat, and the list goes on. Point is not all men cheat but not all men who cheats fit in in one category or type. I actually get why men cheat and it can be for many reasons. One main reason is the option of many beautiful women, but another good one is lack of communication. Men are not good with communicating with their woman, so instead of dealing with the relationship issues head on they rather find it or look for it in another woman. This leaves leaves the relationship open to more problems and eventually a damaged woman you created but no longer want. wedding outfits at wholesale prices