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There is a rumor that God gave our Founding Fathers including George Washington, Ben Franklin & Thomas Jefferson a pass to come back to Earth to see how everything worked out. George is admiring his Monument and at the same time Somebody is trying to explain what a Computer and Smart Phone is. Tom Jefferson looked up and saw a plane and almost freaked out. Then they made their first mistake and read the Washington Post and then went down to the congress to see what was were told that the new president was tweeting out his thoughts all day long and they just couldn't get the twitter thing....Sounds like the makings of a good book or even maybe a Broadway Musical with me writing the songs....LOLOL...What a hoot that would be. I can see it now the Founding Fathers taking their first plane ride. The founding fathers looking for a horse to ride to the and on and on and on it goes where this will end even I don't know. Do you think it's a good idea and do you think they would like what they see?
Now these guys are walking around DC in their 1776 outfits and people just thought they were some guys dressed like that for fun or they were going to a party. They asked a passerby where the nearest Hotel was and they pointed towards Trumps new Post Office Trump Hotel. So they headed in that direction. When they got there the were astounded by the place and all the buildings and walked over the to check in counter and asked for rooms for them all. The guy tells them that it's $400 a night and each room has two beds in them and asked them Cash or Credit Card. Well Ben Franklin walked over to the guy and said we have a few dollars but that's it so they pointed them a few blocks east to the nearest Homeless Shelter. So George and the Boys headed that way as they were homeless and when they walked in there they were greeted like heroes as all the homeless guys and gals thought they were there to entertain them. They wanted to know how much it cost and they said it was free. So off they went to some areas where there were beds and started to unpack a few bags they had with them. They then asked this guy there who is the President as they wanted to go over and make a courtesy call. He said it was Donald Trump and said to go on over and tell him hi....with a chuckle. SO after they unpacked they headed over to the WH and asked to see the President and they were immediately arrested as potential terrorists.....They said they just came to see the president as they were handcuffed and taken off in paddy wagons. On there way out people were cheering them all thinking this was a joke and it was a riot. Before they had a chance to be put in the paddy wagons all the reporters from all the papers and cable and news shows got there and all hell broke lose. SO as they Boys were hauled away all the reporters got in their cars and followed them to the local precinct.... wedding dresses for women over 40
By the time they got to the precinct the word was out and hundreds of people were there along with the reporters and photographers cheering these guys on. They were led out of the paddy wagon one at a time and each one got a huge ovation and people were screaming things like "THANK GOD YOU GUYS ARE BACK" and other things. Of course everybody thought these guys were imposters and the entire thing was one big joke. The only ones that didn't think it was funny were The Boys from 1776. When they got inside all the cops were laughing and calling out their names etc. Then they were finger printed and then John Adams said they needed a Lawyer. But of course John Adams was a Lawyer and George told him that he should represent the guys as he was the best lawyer he knew. Then they were herded into a large cell to await their arraignment the next morning with a Judge...The Judge was a little perturbed as the finger prints didn't come out right or something. They told him that they'd never seen finger prints look like that before and something was really strange. The Judge asked who was the Lawyer and John Adams raised his hands and said he was. Now don't forget these guys are dressed as they did back in 1776 and look just like the guys did from drawings made. So the Judge looked at these strange guys in the strange outfits and asked if they belonged to a terror organization and the guys all just chuckled. John Adams told the Judge that they were really the Founding Fathers and they're back for a visit to see how everything was working out. The Judge looked over the top of his glasses and said they had to remain in jail until a full psychological profile could be done and had them removed from the court room. The press went crazy and they were all going on camera and tweeting and texting this crazy story....To be continued...