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# ShortStoryChallenge

Just thought I'd give it a shot. Here goes!

"Best Friend Blues"

I was almost asleep when my phone started buzzing. My tipsy ass almost dropped it trying to pick it up. "This Goose ain't no joke!" I thought to myself, as I looked to see who was texting me. "Stacy." What the hell did my girl's best friend want? At 1 in the morning? I tapped the message to see what was up. "Hey, I know it's kinda late, but Draya left her debit card over here last night. Can you come get it?" it read. My girl was at the club with my cousins, so I knew it was no need in texting her. "I can just come get it tomorrow. She won't need it until then anyway," I replied. Hell, I wasn't trying to drive all the way out there at this time of night. I put my phone back down and laid back, getting ready to tap out. It buzzed again. "What the fuck man?!" Now i was starting to get pissed. I picked it back up and opened Stacy's new message. "Me and my family are leaving town early in the morning to go out of town. If you don't come get it now, she won't be able to get it until we get back next week." Ain't this a bitch? I was gonna cuss Draya's ass out when she got home. "Aite, I'll be there in about 30 minutes." I didn't feel like putting on no clothes, so I just went and jumped in the car. Stacy had seen me in gym shorts and a wife beater before anyway. Plus, I didn't plan on getting out. Thankfully, I made it to Stacy's house without seeing any police, and I texted her to let her know I was outside. "Come in. I'm not dressed, and it's cold." By then, I was so ready to get back to my bed, I didn't even bother to argue. I got out and went to the front door, which was unlocked. I went in and made my way to Stacy's room. "Come in," she called out after I tapped on the door. When I walked in Stacy was laying on her stomach across the bed with nothing but some Victoria's Secret lingere on. "Damn!" I thought to myself. I knew Stacy had a body, but I didn't know she looked this damn good! Stacy was a petite little white girl with nice titties and, as I was now seeing, a VERY nice ass. I had to shake myself from my lascivious thoughts and focus. "Where's the card?" I asked. Stacy just grinned at me and got up off the bed. As she sashayed towards me, I caught a whiff of alcohol in the air. I was only then that I noticed the empty fifth of Peach Amsterdam on the floor. Before I could register what was going on, Stacy had her arms around my neck and her tongue in my mouth. I started to push her off, but the Goose in my system and the hardness of my dick made me do the complete opposite. I was kissing my girl's best friend like there was no tomorrow. She pulled me back towards the bed and stopped kissing me as she sat down. "Okay, maybe she came to her senses," I thought, and I was prepared to do the same. Wrong. In 2 seconds flat, Stacy had my shorts down and my dick in her mouth. I was past the point of no return now! Her head game had my head spinning. Slurp... Slurp... Slurp... After a few minutes, the shit started to feel too good, and I had to stop her. No way was I gonna bust a nut without gettin in them guts! But first, I felt inclined to return the favor. I pushed her back on the bed and snatched her panties off so quick, the bitch growled at me! That growl quickly turned into a moan as I latched on to that pussy like my life depended on it. I played with her clit and ate her out like I was trying to win an award, and I didn't stop until I felt her body lock up and her juices running down my chin. I flipped her over and pulled her up on her knees and got in position. "Fuck me!" she demanded, looking back at me. And that's exactly what I did. All night long. Then I passed out. I woke up to 13 missed calls and 20 texts from my girl. Stacy was still wrapped around me when I heard somebody banging on the front door. "Oh shit..." v neck outfits for prom party

To Be Continued