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The Covert Narcissist

Covert narcissists are characterized by their stealthy detached behavior and their "wolf in sheep's clothing" or sometimes called stealth persona.

Unlike the overt narcissist, the covert narcissist defends in a passive aggressive manner and loves to play the victim. Underneath the persona of this wounded individual lies an insecure shame-based self that needs to vampire others narcissistic supplies to survive.

Often mistaken as a "nice guy" who gives to charity, this individual is dangerous to the human psyche. Characterized by being shallow in affect, they are unable to connect, use people for their own agenda (claiming that they have no agenda) and toss them aside when they are done with them. tea and calf length wears for a formal occasion

They leave a trail of dead souls and people who get caught in their web are left feeling "less than" as they walk away feeling "more than." If you have been caught up in such a relationship, RUN and do not look back.

And by all means, don't beat yourself up for falling into their sordid and covert plan of attack. They are very clever and have spent a lifetime to be very good at what they do!