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I want to introduce you to my two new friends! I started using these two products together two weeks ago and I am so happy with the results!

Before using Climate Control and Nangai Oil, I had super dry arms and lots of red, itchy bumps on them. I have used lotion specially designed for eczema with no results. I've tried baby oil, exfoliating in the shower every couple of days, lotion at night, nothing has worked. Most days I was so itchy that I would pick at my arms until they bleed! red sexy prom dresses

But not anymore!
Because, two weeks ago, I started using Climate Control and Nangai oil on my arms. Fast forward to now: they are super soft, more hydrated and not as bumpy! I don't itch like I used to! Even after two days of using this combination, I started to notice a difference.

Here's my routine:
After every shower, I spray three to five short bursts of Climate control into my hand, add 2-3 drops of Nangai oil and rub the mixture between my hands then onto my arms.

These two products are ah-mazing!