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August 23rd 2017 at 8:57pm my beautiful fiancee welcomed our son, Denali Benjamin Edward Perkins into the world. He weighs 3.580KGs and measures 50cm in length.

It was definitely a long and exhausting labour for Clare , but both her and bub have pulled through well... everyone is now just tired and ready for bed.

I can't thank everyone enough for their love and support, from our families and friends to our amazing team of midwives and support crew here at Tweed Heads Hospital.

After Clare was threatened pre-term, with the hospital thinking she could give birth as early as 24 weeks... Both her and Denali pulled through and she gave birth at 40 weeks, with my son being born on his due date.

I can honestly not explain how proud of her I am, or how much I love and cherish her - especially after the huge effort she put in today. Contractions started at 1am, her Mucus plug went at 5:22am and we arrived at the hospital at around 10am with Clare's membrane breaking at 7:28pm. prom dresses for big bust

Now we can begin the next step in our adventure as parents with our family growing a little bigger overnight.