plus size vintage wedding dresses

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Clothes, shoes and accessories for Jemima by Rose Bbflockling (Skinny YOSD doll fits a lot of Barbie/Blythe clothes) and for Tiny Talyssa by Kaye Wiggs who is chunkier with bigger feet than Jemima. Both are 11 inch dolls. This box of clothing, shoes and accessories will be the best deal for you if you have both size dolls.


Many items are vintage with the requisite tears and stains and possible missing snaps or buttons. Do not buy if you expect every item in brand new perfect condition as you will be disappointed!

♥️ ♥️ ♥️ Full box of clothes and accessories (approximately 130 bagged items) for $350 plus actual shipping to your location. ♥️ ♥️ ♥️

Box size is approximately 14 inches long by 11 inches wide and about 8 inches of the 9 inches deep is full of stuff.

I’ve included a bag full of clothes many new for 4 inch dolls. See bag with striped shirt and pirate crossbones on it, some of them are used and may have stains.

Also, included is a bunch of Little Critter furniture and food items including a tiny critter baby furniture and accessories. These are all awesome for Jemima and Talyssa to play with.

The shoes, some of which were custom made for Jemima cost between $45-$75. Please do not try to adjust the buckle on the grey leather stacked high heel shoes for Jemima, her feet slip in there without socks best (i put leg warmer on her which looks adorable with these high heels or just with nothing for dress up), the buckle doesn’t move.

Please see pics for some of the items on my dolls. Not all of the items shown on my dolls are for sale. Check pics of items shown first in plastic ziploc bags. These are what you get.

I cannot show everything on my dolls which are now sold and i will not split up items. I am selling the whole box. It’s a great deal for someone. To give you some idea of the value you will be receiving...The shoes alone cost me $230.00 (all but the fuzzy Barbie boots were purchase new), $130.00 (low estimate for the jeans and overalls plus the time i put into hand dying them which was two days of several hours), plus the teddy bear for $50 and the glass eyes for $35, and all the vintage items for Barbie or Ken, many of the long evening gowns in pristine condition with accessories like handbag intact, the wedding gown even includes the veil and tulle slip in lovely condition. Someone even ironed many of the gowns. Amazing some of them have zero stains and look new. I probably spent $300-400 on Barbie vintage outfits many of which i purchased as a single outfit. plus size vintage wedding dresses

Many of these clothes are vintage with rips, stains and tears. Please don’t buy if this will bother you. I have also included new, barely used and customized clothing (hand dyed jeans and overalls by which i fixed for colorfastness, however please don’t wet or leave on doll for months just to be safe. I’ve had them on my dolls for weeks without any staining).

Here is a list of items included by category.

? 7 pair shoes for Jemima (Talyssa can wear the red leather Mary Janes as a tight fit no socks if buckle is loosened)

? 3 pair of high top sneakers for Talyssa

? 14 items in Pants/Shorts/Jeans, some for Jem and some Talyssa

? 34 items Shirts/Tops/Sweatshirts for both dolls just have to try on, and some bags have accessories like sunglasses

? 45 items in Dresses/dresses with complete outfits like Christmas Dress with Jacket in some bags/Skirts for both dolls, must try on to see who fits what

? 5 PJs and Robes, i think fits both dolls

? 5 Items Jackets/Cape/Poncho/Coat (Coat has torn sleeves which can be mended) does fit Jemima but i would leave the sleeves open enough when mending to get her hands through the openings.

? 16 Accessories including bag of 8mm glass (six pairs of eyes in the bag you will receive) eyes all lighter colored. I have tried these in both Jemima and Talyssa and like this size for both dolls. Other accessories include tiny fully jointed artist bear with removable hat. Adorable!

? 1 bag of tiny 4 inch removable doll clothes some new, some used with stains. Really cute! See bag with pirate striped shirt and skull and crossbones on it.

? 1 bag of Little Critter furniture and accessories with little Critter baby. Tons of food pots pans, kitchen stove, foldable table and chairs, adorable for Jem and Talyssa as play props.

Every item is hand packaged or folded by me into a ziploc bag. I have counted these items the best i could but there is ALOT to count so please don’t be mad if i miscounted something. I am just trying to give you an idea what you are getting before you buy. Thank you!

I will make a separate post to show some of the items for sale included in the box on my dolls. Not all items shown in that post are for sale, ONLY SOME. Thank you for reading all this. Don’t want anyone disappointed! ?

Please private messege me to buy this box of clothes and accessories. I will not honor claims made on or underneath the pictures.

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Thank you!!!
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