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In case, before I forget my stations, just want to share
1. Structured Viva on Infertility in a lady with PCOS Anovulation. Asked about further steps, side effects of CC and metformin, reducing risk of multiple pregnancy
2. Structured Viva on oncology. 30 yrs old nullipara, keen to conceive, presented 3 months ago with bloating, constipation etc. She was sent back home by GP trainee. Now 18x17 complex adnexal mass with CALL 25 135. Asked important points in history, Examination, further investigation and treatment. Pros and cons of gynec info referral. Do not forget about issues on audit, training, meeting for the trainee and 62 days pathway.
3. Structured viva on Urogynaecology. Lady with nocturia, frequency, urgency. Urodynamic graph was there, normal. Asked about history, Examination, further investigation, treatment, do not forget about MDT.
PS- I made blunder here. It was SENSORY URGENCY. But I confidently said OAB, despite some hints from the examiner
4. Role player station . 27 yrs old with CIN3 in punch biopsy. Came today for scheduled LLETZ under GA.Had UPSI with her boyfriend last night. She is on D14. Here the role player will keep you in the track. She said, she new all about LLETZ, so it's on EC. She will guide you towards CuT as she does not like oral medicines . Her concern, whether CuT and LLETZ can b done in d same sitting?
5. Role player. 30 years old nullipara, CEO of a bank with severe PMS. She is determined to have TAH BSO. if you can convince her to take conservative measures, you will win. There was Lay examiner too.
6. Structured viva on Diag Laparoscopy for CPP. Important points in history, exam and investigation on the day of the Lap.Just describe port insertions in details as per GTG. Post op debriefing, documentation, follow up. Hasson and Palmer techniques.
7. Role player station on post op complications. A young lady had lap cystectomy 3 hours ago with difficult operation. Now severe pain and vomiting. Do not talk when she vomits. Offer empathy. Ask history. Explain likely need of return to theatre and laparotomy. Involve consultant and surgeon. Draw a picture to show port injury and cyst bed bleeding. Explore history. She will tell that she is Jehovah's witness. She will ask about need of oophorectomy and Fertility.There was NEWS sheet. See it. over 50 mature ladies collections for a cocktail party
8. Teaching session on mechanism of normal labour. The trainee will ask the importance of diameters. Always ask the trainee to show what you have taught. Then she will ask you about Face presentation and Mentoposterior.
9. Role player station. Anomaly scan revealing isolated right talipes. Patient is determined to have termination, having gone through internet literature. Just address her concern, offer Fetal Medicine and Paed surgeon referral. She will ask about amniocentesis, mode of termination, 'can my baby walk'.
10. Role player. Nondiabetic obese woman at 36 weeks with LGA baby. NEVER SAY, she needs CS or IOL. There was Lay Examiner.
11. Role Player. IVF DCDA twin with discordant growth at 32 weeks. She is concerned about mode and time if delivery and physiology of 3rd stage. She will ask about malpresentation of the 2nd baby. Explain ECV, IPV in simple terms. Offer Fetal Medicine referral, delivery in consultant led unit.
12. Role player. Patient post CS. She has her own delivery plan. She wants home delivery, VBAC, water birth, no medical student, no epidural, no episiotomy. Just talk and convince.
13. Role player with Lay examiner. Term IUFD, delivered. Consent taking for Post Moeten exam. No need to write anything. You can see the form and discuss.
14. Role player with Lay examiner. Patient in wheel chair, booking visit at 20 weeks. Discuss onAN, intrapartum care. Involve MDT and consultant. Pain relief. Never say CS is needed. (PS- I made blunder here. It was spina bifida. But I continued saying spinal cord injury. Probably lay examiner was kind to me).