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Healthy Xmas tip No7. Be mindfull of portion size.

You can have your cake and eat it- Just don eat the whole thing!! Dont deprive yourself of the things you enjoy, just be mindfull of how much your eating. As long as you continue to train and train hard you can eat your favourtie foods in moderation with building a ring around your middle.

Healthy Xmas tip no.8 Be strong!!

Be stong with your nutritional standards, dont expect everyone else to stick to what your having- they probably dont have goals and arent as driven as you are. Most people have already given up and set them self to fail over this period so you HAVE to stay strong, dont let their negative influence drag you down. When you hit your predetermind drink limit switch to water or a non alcoholic drink. When they offer you seconds on dessert politely say 'no thanks that was amazing but im done, i couldnt even eat another bite'. When it comes to the small hours of the morning and your being egged on to stay out and party, tell them you need your sleep as tomorrow is a workout day- if they are really your friends theyll support you. lavender or lilac wedding collections