ivory or beige wears for flower girl

Working on this week's assignment in my Counseling class and the Topic is on "SPIRITUAL ABUSE"...

I feel led to share this because MANY leaders (NOT ALL) but MANY need to understand their position and not go overboard with God's people who willingly devote their life and time to God via by helping in a ministry or the pastor/bishop personally.

The Definition of SPIRITUAL ABUSE ... Spiritual abuse exists when PEOPLE with RELIGIOUS AUTHORITY use their POSITION of SPIRITUAL POWER to control or dominate another person in the name of GOD, Faith, Religion, or Church, taking advantage of the victim's vulnerability to gratify personal needs such as needs for importance, power, intimacy, value, prosperity, sexual gratification, or spiritual fulfillment. ivory or beige wears for flower girl

THE ABUSER exploits the POWER of the POSITION to suck life from the victim.

Power differential between abuser and victim is what distinguishes abuse from meanness. FRIENDS ARE MEAN, but LEADERS ABUSE....(Hislop, 2010)