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When I got to my computer this morning I noticed a video that my husband Rob posted. It is the one about Mr. Rogers--Rob and I seem to be big fans of Mr. Rogers these days in that we have both posted about him this last week. In the video Rob posted today, Mr. Rogers was speaking to a tough Senator and Senate committee back in the 1960's. He was making a passionate appeal to the Senator that funding for public television not be cut. I am so impressed by the way that Mr. Rogers stated his case calmly, diplomatically, respectfully and so passionately. He was restrained and self controlled when speaking to a tough Senator who was at first challenging and a bit dismissive. Mr. Rogers persisted and prevailed in that by the end of his passionate plea, the Senator was obviously moved and committed to the funding needed to keep Mr. Rogers on the air doing what Mr. Rogers did then and I think may still be doing. gold color wears for flower girl
Many of us are a bit mad about what we are hearing in the news these days. I am particularly disheartened by the divisions among us. I am also disheartened by those who would stoke the fires of division with inflammatory words and actions. Well, at the end of Mr. Rogers' testimony he shared the lyrics of a song he had written back in 1968. The title of the song is "What Do You Do With the Mad You Feel? I am going to close this post with these wise words from Mr. Rogers.

What do you do with the mad that you feel
When you feel so mad you could bite?
When the whole wide world seems oh, so wrong...
And nothing you do seems very right?

What do you do? Do you punch a bag?
Do you pound some clay or some dough?
Do you round up friends for a game of tag?
Or see how fast you go?

It's great to be able to stop
When you've planned a thing that's wrong,
And be able to do something else instead
And think this song:

I can stop when I want to
Can stop when I wish
I can stop, stop, stop any time.
And what a good feeling to feel like this
And know that the feeling is really mine.
Know that there's something deep inside
That helps us become what we can.
For a girl can be someday a woman
And a boy can be someday a man.