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Depression, its a word people are ashamed of, yet so many of us have experienced. Depression doesn't discriminate against race, religion, sex, financial status, or sexual orientation. It is something people try to bottle up and not talk about, fear leads to anxiety which leads to depression and once that blanket wraps around you it envelopes your whole life. Just because someone appears successful and seems to have wealth doesn't mean he/she is not struggling with depression formal items in navy blue ... due to financial pressure, family issues, or are just lonely. Depression can be brought on by certain smells, words, or memories that shouldn't have a impact but they can send you into a crippling depression. If you have ever experienced anxiety or depression so severe you just cannot force yourself out of bed, or it has you to the point that you want to give up and think no one will miss you then you are who this message is to.

YOU DONT HAVE TO GO THROUGH THIS ALONE! Fear will tell you people will judge and that no one will care and that simply is not true! I hid mine forever but im here to tell you what a relief it was to finally communicate with someone my feelings, medication and therapy can work wonders!

Please share this message to all of your friends by copying and pasting and reach out to prevent suicides caused by depression, even if you dont understand the emotions behind it please be a leaning shoulder as that will be a tremendous help!!

Please dont let depression win, reach out!! People do care and you are loved!

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Call 1-800-273-8255

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