formal garments prepared for college ceremony

I just want to thank my mother for raising me right. Teaching me to depend on no one. I work full-time and go to college full-time and no one is paying my tuition or my books. I also own three cars. My name is on all three titles. I don’t need mommy and daddy money. I’m grateful that she taught me to work for everything I have. I watched my mom bust her ass to provide for me and my sisters growing up. She struggled. Yes. I watched her cry because she wanted to do more for us, but I wish she would’ve seen that she did more than enough. It’s not all about the money even though most people’s worlds revolve around it. I also want to thank my step-dad Rick for pushing me to do better for myself. My real dad has never cared enough to want to be in my life. The six years that you have been my step dad you have made a big impact in my life. I don’t ask you for anything because you wanting me to a better person and believing that I can be is enough. A little birdie also told me that someone is assuming that my step-dad paid for my wedding. No he did not. He didn’t buy my dress or anything. Thanks for the cake though. formal garments prepared for college ceremony ? It amazes me how people just want money, money, and more money. I know you’ll see this so keep on assuming. Nice try honey. I do things on my own. I don’t need any handouts. Try again. ?