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I must say, it is quite a contradiction that people expect a breastfeeding mom to "cover up" when they're nursing a young baby, when our culture has half naked women prancing around everywhere. People these days praise celebrities who have their boobs and ass hanging out ALL the time, and say they are so beautiful and gorgeous and stunning. Yet a mother is expected to throw a blanket over their baby? Um, no. I'll bring a blanket when out in public, but only to throw over anyone's head who can't stop staring at me breastfeeding my babes! crop top cocktail gowns
To all the women and men who perpetuate this problem , understand that breasts were made for this specific reason, not for your own sick enjoyment.
When I was told if i was going to come to a family holiday event but needed to make sure to go in another room to breastfeed because I make others uncomfortable, I realize not everyone can be blessed with the knowledge to just simply LOOK AWAY instead of having me and my son remove ourselves as if we have to be quarantined! It's pretty ridiculous, and I don't care what your stance is on it, just like people preach on supporting abortion (which I don't) NOT YOUR BODY NOT YOUR CHOICE. LOOK AWAY! K THANKS!