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Oh, humans...yes, men have chased women for milennia, and vice versa...nothing wrong with desire, love, mutual consensual courting and intimacies...the big word here is consensual. I have to watch myself, I'm a fun-loving, huggy, overly expressive, affectionate person and I never ever want to hurt or offend anyone with my self-expression. If I don't know someone, ,I ask if it's okay before hugging them, and I use the best policy which is always "no means no". Being hit on us flattering sometimes, sometimes it's uncomfortable. Often depends upon what's being said and how it's delivered. If a person says "no" once, then stop pursuing it. Period. I'm very public about my love for and trust in my own husband, and I respect others' rules about their own personal boundaries. I do believe women and minorities are still seen as second class citizens overall, no matter how folks try to gloss it over and deny it. Just speaking from my own personal experience. I DO believe people are innocent until proven guilty. I hope we as a nation listen to our hearts, learn from bad behaviors, and move forward into a more equal society. chic wedding pieces with lace top