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It blows my mind how quickly kids these days are willing to tear each other down instead of helping to build each other up. The biggest worry they should have is what story they are going to feed their teacher about why they didn’t do their homework, instead they are worrying about fitting in, going to school, rumours and gossip. Kids aren’t kids anymore. They are dealing with issues they should never have to deal with.
Recently I’ve had to watch someone very important to me go through this. Someone who should be over the moon right now and very proud of herself because she’s “sweet 16”, she nailed that first step in her license, she’s pursuing a passion, and she just decided on some college programs. But some thoughtless comments can make all the good for someone seem so small when they are being bullied.
So for kids today;
You’re all growing up and trying to find where you fit, but putting someone else down isn’t going to make the fit seamless for you. Your classmates, friends and other peers are the people that are going to understand you the most right now, they are the ones who just might be going through the same thing. They may not know exactly what you have going on at home or all the struggles you are facing but they do know what it’s like to grow up in today’s society because they are doing it with you. However, the moment you assume that you know someone’s story is the exact moment you destroy your capacity to understand it. So don’t centre someone out because “you feel like it” or because they may dress or act in a way that’s different from you. You all have a voice that is unique and unapologetically you, don’t waste it being the echo of someone else. You all have so much to look forward to, you have graduations, prom, college and universities. You have trips and memories to make. You have friendships and relationships to build. You might have a bad moment, day or week along the way but I promise you it’s not a bad life. casual guest wears for summer wedding
Enjoy being young. Enjoy having so many great people close to you.

And remember, just because you know someone’s name doesn’t mean you know their story. ❤️ ❤️