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For the 1001 List completists, Dog Star Man (1962) is available for free on YouTube.

I watched it last night. It's one of the experimental, abstract, impressionist films on the List. I guess I've seen enough of these that I can sit through them pretty easily. And sometimes, I even enjoy them.

I love Vinyl, for example. Scorpio Rising is fun. I appreciate Heaven and Earth Magic. I warmed to Wavelength after I thought about it. But I can't stand Hold Me While I'm Naked.

So I sat through Dog Star Man. It's hard to describe. It's a series of images. Sometimes you can clearly tell what's going on and you get to see a man and his dog for a few seconds. Other times, you can almost tell what you're looking at. And a lot of times it's light and color and dissolving film and atomic-bomb mushroom clouds. budget-saving bridesmaid apparels in coral

It was very late so I dozed off and then woke up and re-wound it a few times. But it didn't really have any trouble watching it. I wasn't bored. I warmed to Dog Star Man after a while. I rather liked it on some subconscious level. I can't explain it.

I admit I was confused at the end. Did the dog eat the baby? Or perhaps the dog became the baby?

Maybe the baby ate the dog.