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S.O.L.V.E. problems creatively. Working on breaking down what goes through my mind when I'm asked to solve a problem.

- SPECIFY the actual need. It may not be what was asked for. If someone asks for a ruler, they may not need a ruler....they may just need to measure something small. You can measure lots of small things with a dollar bill if you know it's 6" long.
- OFFER the obvious solutions. If you actually have a ruler or tape measure handy, then hand it over. Don't over-complicate things.
- LABEL things around you by their possible functionality. A role of duct tape is handy to adhere two things together sure, but it's also useful if you need to draw a circle (each roll even offers two sizes). Standard duct tape is 2 inches wide which is good if you need to mark off small measurements. Loop it around on itself and you create double sided tape. It also makes for an excellent lint (or cat hair) remover (I know this from experience.). Need a quick, temporary hinge? Duct tape. It's waterproof, which makes it handy for repairing umbrellas, rafts, raincoats and tents. Apparently, if you have enough, you can also make a prom dress out of it. adorable teen wedding wears flower girl dress
- VALIDATE your solution with a small, quick test.
- EVALUATE possible negative scenarios as to what can go wrong with your solution and weigh the risks. It's good to be ready for the worst.