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France, UK, Russia and many other goverments have released their genuine UFO files
France was the first country to state that these objects are fact.
So many are being seen recently and the worlds goverments are slowly de-sencetising us to it so it dosnt come as such a shock.
It's a subject that I find fascinating and I'm so passionate about it after seeing my first one when I was about 21 - me and my girlfriend at the time watched one dance in and across the sky as if ut was putting on a show for us for well over 15 minutes, since that encounter Ive always looked up as often as I can and have seen many many more. DorrisWedding toddler wears for flower girl
Trust me - if you look up more often you can see these objects too, they defy our understanding of physics - nothing can travel from horizon to horizon in loops in less than a second without burning up from the friction of the air passing over it.