DorrisWedding hostess gowns for wedding

Random Jokes..... *I hate girls that wear a very tight cloth that displays their line of panties, and be looking like Division of Labours. # No_come_near_me_ooo_i_dey_sick . *That's how you will be standing close to a TRANSFORMER and your village people will start whispering "One corner, One corner" in your ear. *Who notice??? Visitor of now a days don't care about food anymore. The first thing they ask for is Android charger. *WARNING!!!! Some people are going around selling fake # rat_poison . please taste it before you buy. *Everything is now so expensive in Nigeria now to the extent that # witches don't even put enough stew on Rice in our dreams again. # Abi_you_guys_no_notice_am ? *Do you know that this abbreviation # LMAO means "Leave Me Alone Ode"..... Chaii.. # To_much_sense_will_not_kill_me_oneday . *Wonders shall never end,, My friend # Tz_stylelish that travel to Ghana last week is already asking me "How is Africa?? Can you imagine? *Since I was born and now i am getting old. I have never seen a girl with pimples on Instagram. Brothers and Sisters have you seen? *Yoruba girls be like "My name is LOLA WUNMI KOLADE, i stay in MODAKEKE near DIAMOND estate, But you can call me LWKMD.... Chaii wawu. *Toilet papers are meant for skinny girls, fat girls should be using either Calender or Almanac to wipe their own.. *You want to be wise and you are dating one girl .. is that what King Solomon did? *Those young people that will dress well and still wear Wrist Watch that doesn't work are one of the problem we have in this country. *Yesterday i heard a politician is coming to Lagos to give all the physical challenge people 500k each, i arrived there with my DorrisWedding hostess gowns for wedding # Clutching_Stick just to turn and see 3 of my uncles on Wheelchairs.. # The_thing_just_weak_me . *Dear friends, Please remember me in your PRAYERS like you do in your GOSSIP.. *That awkward moment when a Chelsea fan goes to church and the Pastor says open Romans Chapter 3. *Just because your mum has counted the meat in the pot, you're now using your teeth to slim fit the meat..... # Oga_tailor_weldone_ooo . *When a white baby falls, the parents be like "Oh my world am sorry my prince" When a Naija baby falls, "No look am ooo, do like say you no see am, troway face make e no cry. *I don't know whether it's my village people but something is telling me to go and stand in front of a Soldier and call him "Soldier Ant". *You are 16years of age and your relationship status is COMPLICATED. My sister what happen? shey he stole your Bobo or ice cream? *Sister you have Chronic diabetes and you are still looking for a Sugar daddy... # please_is_your_head_paining_you ? *When a white man creates a phone and you video chat with your Boo, you call it Technology but when your Grandmother in the village use a mirror to monitor you in the city, you call it Witchcraft.. Don't you know it's about time we value our # African_Product . *Igbo people and piracy!!! I just saw one Igbo girl using RED Biro to write # GUCCI on her white pant! Igbo kwenu Please why are you people like this? *It's so funny how some broke guys will be calling ladies gold digger!!! My brother which gold is she trying to dig? when you are just an Aluminium? *Nobody says you shouldn't be fat. But please be fat and rich. Don't come and squeeze people inside # keke_napep and still pay 50naira. *One Facebook Slay-queen posted, "Love my BED, so soft and big". The moment i like it she deleted the post, she didn't even allow me to comment on it. Do you know why? . . She's my neighbour and she sleeps on a # Mat . *Tag that your Facebook Friend that you want to snap selfie with.... # godwinumunze or Exco , I love u all enjoy ur week of December and don't forget to keep my xmas gift , u can send it d rice thy text messages. Bye... if u love Exco say Hi!!!!!