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But I handle things only I can handle and the only way I can create a heaven for everybody and do my job to make sure we expect is kept by who it is I represent that is quality of all quality to know that reverse the rape since the beginning of time as far as humans didn't mean no means no to specifically me only when I asked the world starting from the people closest to me to support me on having two speak to Sean Carter as if I'm offending a lifetime full of rape that has you all drowning me out with football Sundays and God is great and praying hands as if that's your reason to be mad at me for asking the world to help me with something it doesn't require religion or a belief anything that would get offended that was able to handle something to allow man to respect to protect what leads a woman to feel comfortable with her Life Choices set by standards that contradict morals allowed me to not have to have the same belief but still respect the woman that I'm not good enough for to know I got no other reason to live to make sure what has her heart and mind tricked for me to lead myself with the image she has set by something that a man competes to present his dream be a Heaven that's an imagination for following a tradition that uses Wizardry and tricks for my ability to protect my heaven which is facts at the same time protect whatever her images that has her praying and the man that she chooses to lead her have me asking the world to get JayZ to talk to me because to protect my heaven and her heaven doesn't allow God or rapist created The False Image using Wizardry to be a reason for me not to be the man hated on for not being good enough for what you believe in but to protect it without offending you or me needing anything else to be in between what has me needing me to pray unless I need to I've never had to because my dream and idea of where heaven is has simply asking people and suggesting ideas to stop following routine that has never gotten better at what has attachment to places that heaven was real and protecting it with prayer didn't have today's standards I was considered successful and the amount of Prayer that has to go in for everyone I'm not good enough for today degrading how I view my queen in the past so for me to comfortably need to meet a certain standard that my queen in the past is trick to think is a requirement to pick a man who can't dream deep enough for her to at least allow himself to think of ideas and say it to the world to know that if I get declined it's by the men they view you is more quality than me but it has me having a factual heaven that has them praying to something that doesn't exist when they say no to what is a better way to lead a woman to not need a man praying rape that he can't fix from contributing to and not be sacrificial enough to not compete and we should make him feel weak leading a woman and what her worth means to present yourself with standards
that have more value and then seeing and knowing that you don't have to believe in what she believes in if simply accepting something so serious to allow weak heartless snake lifestyles inability to provide an athlete to run real fast and catch a ball be the man to all my Queens to allow me not to be good enough into a lot just a failure but when I go to try to reach my full potential to fit a standard plus allow me to protect heaven without needing to pray or a book so that I can make sure I can feel like the man with money in my hand and the satisfaction of respectfully making sure I feel comfortable that if I presents something that allows something as a reason that can't be called wrong for being accepted when it protects my ability to make sure my queen has a heaven and my queen from the past and my hypothetical Queen because I'm not good enough the girls who have fathers they give them one lifetime full of confidence of a man they see is Dad make black Nigerian women who don't know their Nigerian to embrace Islam the same way a strip club owner wears a cross on his neck and allow dedicated Father Figure who's confident and strong and backing a lifestyle to have his black queen daughter see success graduating from a college and putting her in a bracket that allowed her father to be proud and away that made her a queen deserving of a man that are only good at contradicting standards and beliefs to have me the king my whole life separated by countries and class that allowed me to stay amongst the strongest mistreated misunderstood black women to be the degraded women who never get married who can't fit standards that doesn't match the image that have other women being more respected for her to God's eyes are your God's eyes to try your hardest to get away from or is your idea of how a king has women for the sole purpose to have dirty inappropriate valued thoughts that make what you make a wife quality for another man to marry you to think forgotten Hoodrat stripper Dru a reason to feel like a god or image to have secret Lifestyles and and ways of behavior for your wife and yourself to pray in a god that has me not needing one not good enough to be married with the standard set for your God and allow women to be disrespected in a way that has the hood rat PTSD pain from mistreatment that allows me to not fit the standard of being degraded by men who has black men who act more dominant with their heart to be designed to cater to more loyal to a culture where the image of a king has women being satisfied worse by being led to believe they're worth being we Weeknd fun for men who call themselves Kings but choose to cheat on women when it comes to getting married for a Queen to respect His image of a man her image as a woman for black women degraded and to have men who act as if being a king true Street pussy getting proud how to say f*** all women because getting money by using women and give them a false image of something then a man who dreams of a Life Style of being a wife some suck a n***** s*** to allow me to see the degraded black women who are hurt the most to register their worth with eye contact that reminds them of a Feeling of King and Queen to be viewed at bye men pussy features two women design to be beautiful to stay loyal strictly for Kings purpose to feel the baddest women are his reason to attribute money to be more than the men who lead their women with two standards that don't have me in a category at all that allows me to not compete and to look certain women in their eyes and feel valued and to have women stuck in both spectrums is not good enough to be God's gift to women or as a religious man looking for top catch women in fields of their husband's social class putting doctors in black athletes to to put Street Kings for a lot of the times gay and treat women worse because that allows them to appear more dominant and Kingly for men to compete by treating women the worst that allows me how to say f*** what everybody feels and views and believes I live like the only King my whole life worrying about everybody to look more women in their eyes throughout my life and allow them to register an indication of worth to let the grated Hood women feel something the book an innate Godht or a false Kings Dorris Wedding vintage retro outfits for flower girl