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From Bro Biodun Paul.

Just sat down this afternoon casting my mind back to the lessons from this year, I remembered attending a wedding of a close pal in Lag and sincerely it was wonderful, the bridal train looked like a shipment of overseas babes, obviously they were not just fair (Yellow) some of them came from outside the country to attend the wedding.

Just as the church service ended and we were waiting for someone to lead us to the reception venue, I saw this pretty lady crying seriously and I wondered what could make an adult, who had spent time before mirror, dressing up could spoil the whole face by the torrents of flood from her own eyes; it was just inconceivable to fathom what could have warranted that. Dorris Wedding trendy prom selections with discount price

Eventually we could get a word out of her after much ado: she said her International Passport was stolen in the course of the service; I am sure you know the implication of that; at that point I understood why she cried inconsolably.

Listen my friend: we all came to this world to attend an event, in the course of it, we will eat, wine, merry, build houses, buy shoes and clothes, get married and raise a family, pursue a career, do business, acquire degrees (some of us like thermometers) whatever it is you do, please don't lose your passport.

The salvation bought for us by Christ Jesus with his precious blood is the red passport (not green) that gives us access to the commonwealth of heaven. You cannot imagine how those who lose their passport in the course of their sojourn here on earth will cry on the departure day when they suddenly discovered that the THIEF has taken away their passport.

You can quickly check for yours now, if you can't find it, please reapply for it. Let's say the fact, if any one miss heaven he / she can not miss hell.
Are you saved?
Have confessed your sins and forsaken them? Proverbs 28:13.
Are you ready for that glorious and splendid flight of the Saints?
1Corinthians 15:51-58.
Are you not one of those who believe they can continue in sin and still make heaven with it?
Hebrew 12:14.
Remember the songs titled:
"If you miss heaven you'll cry"
& "Turned away from the beautiful gate".
Luke 16:19-31.
Revelation 20:12-15.
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