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It was a Thursday night and many Caribbean islands were not known to nightlife activities on week nights. It was now midnight and most of the local spots had closed their doors at 10:00pm. However, our driver did recommend a local spot called the Sand Bar which stayed open til 3:00am and it wasn’t too far from the resort either. Dorris Wedding sweetheart neck style gowns for wedding

The Sand Bar was certainly not what we had expected. It was not a beach bar and there was no sand in sight so I found it extremely peculiar that it was called “the Sand Bar.”

Upon entry, it had a very modern look and low-key intimate.

We all made a beeline for the bar as Jermaine leaned over and got one of the bartenders attention. Within a few minutes there were nine shot glasses displayed on the counter. I watched intently as the bartender filled each shot glass with cafe patron.

“ On the count of three,” Corey stated as Q began the count down.

Lifting our shot glasses in the air, we all waited to hear the number three before our lips touched the rimmed glasses and the liquor flew down our throats.

Drea’s face grimaced as she was not a drinker but decided to have a shot with us anyway. She immediately requested a glass of water as Q laughed at her. Everyone else got their specialized cocktails, leaving the men at the bar while we ventured to the lighted seating area on the outside.

“ Trini, I don’t know how you did it in such a short time but everything seems so organized.” Mia complimented as Trinity had given us the entire four by four of the wedding details.

“ Look, when I found out that day that I was pregnant and would probably not be able to fit into my couture wedding dress by the end of the year. Something had to give,” She stated confidently, “ I also couldn’t risk pushing back the wedding. What if I would never be able to fit this dress again?”

“ Simple,” Drea responded, “ You just get on that Beyonce diet.”

“ Hell no!” Trinity retorted, “ Suppose this baby fat made me thicker in all the right places. I was not risking it bitch!” She said in true Trinity fashion.

“ So everyone seems to be getting along?”She asked, suddenly changing the topic as we all stayed quiet, I definitely took an extended long sip of my Jolly Rancher cocktail.

“ What?”Trinity asked, her face puzzled as she focused on Kalia, “ Y’all two still beefing?”

“ Yes we are,” Kalia replied, without hesitation, “ We have a week here to work shit out. But Joevarny needs to be serious about life and if he isn’t then I can’t do this any longer.” She explained.

“ Have you even tried speaking to him? No arguments but just sitting down one on one and putting all cards on the table.” Shayla asked, as she rubbed the upper arm of her best friend.

“ It always escalates into something. It never seems to go the way it’s suppose to,” She admitted. “ But we are in a completely new environment and I’ll tackle the situation after the wedding.” She expressed.

“ I believe it will work out. The time a part had to have given you both some sort of perspective.” I said as I truly hoped that they were able to stay together.

“ It’s not always easy but if you guys both want the same things then you will weather the storm and come out even stronger.” Mia added.

“ I’m routing for you both and if Joevarny fucks it up. I’ll be kicking his ass!” Drea threatened as we all laughed.

We ended up chatting it up with a few other ladies who were on vacation just like we were and the round of drinks that were coming at us seemed never ending.

The music was loud but it was also very good..but at this point I would have danced to anything as I was on cloud nine.

The mini table that was positioned ahead of our booth had been pulled all the way back.

Shayla, Mia, Kalia and I were standing on the seating cushions with our asses turned towards Trinity and Drea.

We were at that point where all our inhibitions were nonexistent and our moved freely to the beat that it heard.

I lifted my dress a little higher as my head was about to pass through my legs. I suddenly felt hands on me and in one swift movement I was hanging over someone’s shoulder.

My face contorting into puzzled facial expressions until I heard the familiar voice say goodbye to the ladies.