Dorris Wedding not expensive prom party wears in black


Money can buy a HOUSE but NOT a HOME. It can buy COMFORT but NOT JOY. It can buy serenity but NOT PEACE. It is power but many a spouse mistakes it for strength. IF you make it a slave, it would serve you and your spouse. IF you make it a ladder, you would climb it to the bliss and the highest height of your relationship.
When a husband misuses it,his wife becomes relegated to a second hand citizen and street girls,female colleagues,business partners,gold diggers and wealth-seeking free ladies meant to be sheer acquaintances become confidants who dictate what is best for his home. His wife would welcome more "surprises" in acquisition and possession of property. Dorris Wedding not expensive prom party wears in black
When a wife abuses it, she becomes domineering. She draws all attention to herself and becomes a 'thin god' who does not need her husband as the head.
Both the husband and wife would have forgotten that wealth has wings. A rich husband or wife is like an individual riding on a horse. While he or she can ride it on water,he or she cannot ride it while sleeping on the bed. Horse cannot fly too.
Wealth is temporary but friendship and relationship are permanent. ....unfortunately, money when abused destroys friendship and relationship between spouses.
If money is truly "power", why is it that its advent destroys the existence of trust,closeness, loyalty, togetherness, involvement, consultation, mutual agreement, friendship and relationship among the couple?
Money is good when those who possess it are matured. Any couple who know that money could not replace their spouse's position would nuture the relationship with this "visitor" called money.