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It was beautiful yesterday here on the highland rim of the Cumberland Plateau. The sun was shining, the temperature was in the mid 60's, and I was tired of being tethered to my oxygen line.
Worthy and Lucky were watching as I left the house. Some animals here on our little farm, eat to live, those two sheep, they live to eat. I have cut back on their grain and put out hay for them. They are not happy with that decision. I don't know if they pray, probably not, but if they do, they are praying for a change of heart with my decision. The sweet feed, made with molasses, has put the weight on them.
The cows had pretty much eaten everything edible in the pasture and have been moved. I thought, they (the sheep) might enjoy being turned out into the larger pasture. I went down and opened the gate called them to follow me. Worthy got this big smile on his face, looked at those 10 acres, shook his head up and down and ran about a dozen steps, attempted to do a couple of flips then laid down for a nap. 30 minutes later they were both back in the barn lot, waiting for supper. See, that is why they are on a diet.
Winter seems to pull everything in. The leaves blanket the grass. The trees look forlorn standing there with their bare branches reaching toward the sky. The hens are finding less and less food as they scratch around the farm. I sometimes find them near an old board or big rock and I flip it over for them. There is a large assortment of nutrition living under those things. Big worms and an assortment of gourmet delights living there. Sweet Frances gave me a lot of spaghetti noodles this past week. She had cooked to many. I thought the rooster, Big Red, was going to have a heart attack as he called the hens over. They jumped on those noodles like they were afraid they would crawl away. I must tell you though that watching their eating habits sometimes messes with me when I am eating eggs. Dorris Wedding low back or backless dress for a bridesmaid
With the cows and calves gone, the dogs have moved back toward the house. Two nights ago I looked out our bedroom window and Junior was just passing our window. They guard our house, Adam and Candace home and the lambs and Chickens as well.
Early one morning this past week, Boone began sounding an alarm. I looked out and the driveway was empty. I got my big stick and opened the back door. There were two rough looking strangers backed up against the house. Junior was charging toward the house from the pole barn. They had the situation well in hand. One guy asked, will they bite? I said, they sure will, what are you doing here. They asked if so and so lived here. I told them no and the dogs and I walked them to the street. I am comforted to know that people can slip past me, but not the dogs. I brought them up on the back porch, got them two treats and thanked them. With a farm, you can have animals or you can have friends and family. On our farm, our animals are our friends. We look out for each other.